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    Viper X Gaffs are custom hand built pier/ bridge gaffs. All of them are built with 316 stainless steel made for salt water use and very durable.

What is a pier gaff?

The pier gaff is basically a big giant treble type hook, that is weighted. You attach them to a rope ( tie in at the top) and drop them down to gaff and retrieve your catch. These are used when the fish is simply too heavy to bring up onto the pier with just your fishing rod. Rather than break your line, just drop your pier gaff down, snag your fish, and bring it up 

What is a boat gaff?

Larger gaffs come in lengths from about 3 feet to over 12 feet, and they have a super sharp stainless steel hook on the business end. Depending on the boat design, a gaff should be of sufficient length to reach out away from the boat and into the water. Larger boats with high gunnels use the longer gaffs. 


Viper X Gaffs are custom hand built pier/ bridge gaffs. All of them are built with 316 stainless steel made for salt water use and very durable.

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